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Price comparison online

At this point in history, and notably worldwide, price comparisons have now become part of our daily lives. Your ability to access competitors' prices is critical if you are to stay ahead of the game. The problem is travel sites, e-commerce sites, and retailers alike are aware that their competition is tracking them and continuously feed false information to keep ahead of their game.


Overcoming the Challenge

The only way to ensure that you get accurate information on your competitors' prices is to make them believe you are a real customer. Geonode residential proxies provide real user IP's so you appear as a customer rather than a rival. Our proxies give you the power to extract large quantities of information from page elements and sites in one go.

These are the sample of how you can use Geonode for price extraction:

  • Online pricing data Lessing one cent and adding to an online business.
  • Equipping leads from internet and intranet business directories.
  • Access internal processes with the updated prices and the exchange market quotes.
  • Collect website traffic.
  • Obtain financial data from a variety of domain websites.
  • Collect price, quantity, application in the context, synopsis, etc., from the distributor's website.
  • Inspect the metadata information on the website pages (description, keywords, page title).

About Geonode Networks

Geonode is the most comprehensive and affordable proxy network providing over 2 million IPs in every country and city globally. We offer alternatives to all your extracting needs with our network infrastructure, dynamic load residential, tilting residential and mobile networks.

Our four networks contain over 9 IP types to switch between them conveniently based on your configuration. Access all of our proxies through a central API point that uses the standard RFC protocols, allowing you to use IPs from over 140 different countries including: United States, United Kingdom, Australia, Russia, Europe & more.


Why Geonode?

Growing businesses worldwide trust Geonode for all their web extraction needs: Our residential proxies are compliant with all laws and are flexible to fit your specific needs. Unlike our competitors, we have no monthly bandwidth limits. We provide both unmetered and metered services depending on the requirements you may have. Enjoy access to your campaigns worldwide, and never worry about inaccurate data!


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