Geonode’s Ethical Sourcing Of Residential Proxies

With the emergence of botnets and untrustworthy proxy providers, like Rsocks and, many proxy customers now question how their chosen proxy providers source their IP addresses. This is a good thing, as proxy customers should be completely cautious of unethically sourced proxies and the risks associated with those types of proxies.

Geonode customers don’t have to worry about anything, as Geonode highly values ethics and transparency when doing business. Geonode also believes in giving customers the highest quality services it can offer, and ethically sourcing IP addresses ensures that the client’s connection is stable and secure. So, Geonode sources all of its 2 million+ IP addresses from various reliable proxy providers and also through an application called Repocket.

Repocket is an application that pays users for their unused internet. The more bandwidth Repocket uses, the more compensation the user receives. Users can utilize a variety of devices when using Repocket, and each device would represent a single IP address in Geonode’s residential proxy pool.

Repocket users have given their consent to Repocket using their internet and are provided with adequate compensation. They’re aware that their bandwidth/internet is being used by Geonode as Repocket provides clear information in its FAQs.

Geonode is committed to fairness and transparency as it builds a level of trust between Geonode, Geonode clients, and Repocket users while also giving everyone what they want. Repocket users get their compensation, Repocket and Geonode get access to their unused internet, and Geonode clients get offered high-quality proxies.