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Proxy Reseller Program – get 10TB for $5k

Benefit from ethically sourced IPs at an unbeatable price of only $0.50 per GB. With Geonode, stepping into the proxy business is smoother than ever.

Residential proxies reselling pricing

We offer tiered pricing based on volume, allowing you to scale your business as needed.


10 TB


Per GB

50 TB


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100 TB


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Kickstart your venture into the proxy market

Are you ready to kick off your business in the ever-evolving digital landscape? Imagine having the power to offer cutting-edge proxy services under your own brand, seamlessly integrated into your existing offerings. Join our white-label Proxy Reseller Program.

Tailored solution

We have a dedicated Reseller API to automate the integration process.

Proxy pool control

We are sourcing our IPs via in-house services like Repocket and Zenshield. We have full ownership and direct control over our pool.

Ethically sourced IP

All our IPs are sourced via the full consent of peers that share them.

Customer focus approach

We will provide guided service to set up and kickstart our partnership.

Competitive price

For the high value on the market, we offer 0.5 per GB for packages starting at 10TB. You will get a huge pool of different types of IPs with full geo coverage and high quality.

Growing residential proxies pool

We provide proxy types, including residential, datacenter, ISP, and mobile proxies. We provide worldwide coverage of SOCKS5/HTTPS protocols.

How to start


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Our team will contact you within 24 hours via any convenient contact channel.


Test our proxies

Receive a free bandwidth for testing our proxy pool.


Integrate via our Reseller API

Use our Reseller API for a smooth and effortless integration.


Start selling!

Begin offering proxy services to your clients.

Reviews from customers

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Here are some of the most common questions we get.

Our customer-focused approach means we will provide you with comprehensive guidance to initiate and launch a partnership successfully.

We provide proxy types, including residential, data centre, ISP, and mobile proxies. Regarding protocols, we offer support for HTTP(S) and SOCKS proxies.

With our dedicated Reseller API, integrating and managing proxies is streamlined, making the process efficient.

Our proxies are sourced through our in-house services, Repocket and Zenshield, ensuring full ownership and direct oversight over our IP pool for reliable and consistent service.

We have only ethical practices by sourcing all IPs with the full consent of peers sharing them, ensuring a responsible and transparent approach to proxy services.

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