🔥 Go Login Proxy How To Guide [2022 Updated]
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Publishing Date: June 15, 2022

How To Use Proxies With Go Login

Go Login is an anti-detect software that lets users hide and control their digital fingerprint. It lets you change all the parameters that websites see like your IP address or your hardware specifications. With Go Login, you can easily bypass any anti-fraud system from even the largest of big data companies.

To effectively change your IP address though, you need to utilize a Go Login proxy. A proxy will enable you to easily change your IP address and will give you access to millions of IP addresses.

The best proxies for Go Login can be either residential proxies or datacenter proxies, it just depends on what you want. If you want total anonymity and full assurance that websites won’t discover you’re using a proxy, then residential proxies are your choice. If you want faster internet speed and a more reliable internet connection, then datacenter proxies are what’s best for you.

Let’s set up a Go Login proxy server.

How To Use Proxies With Go Login

Step 1. Open Go Login and click on New Profile.


Step 2. Enter your desired Profile Name and click on Proxy.


Step 3. Choose which Connection Type you want to utilize. (Usually it’s a HTTP proxy)


Step 4. Enter your proxy server’s IP address and Port number.


Step 5. Input your Login Credentials.


Step 6. Click on Check Proxy to see if the proxies are working.


Step 7. Click on Create Profile to save.


Congratulations! You have successfully finished setting a proxy server for Go Login.