🤖 Datacenter Proxies - Dedicated, Shared & Rotating

Datacenter Proxies

We offer The Largest pool of The Highest-Quality and Most Unique IPs. Say Bye-bye to Data Caps & Monthly Transfer Limits

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25+ Countries

Get better results with servers in over 25 countries.

Diverse IP Pool

Access a diverse range of IPs from Datacenters all over the globe.

Free IP Replacement

Replace your IPs once per month at no additional cost.

Multi-Protocal Support

Route requests via HTTP, HTTPS and SOCKS5.

Dedicated Datacenter Proxies

These are the crème de la crème of Datacenter Proxies. Exclusive to you, no one else will be lowering your success rate and sharing these IPs.

Access Datacenter Proxies from up to 27 countries, generous data per IP and straightforward pricing.

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Shared Datacenter Proxies

You can be confident these are not overloaded because we share with a maximum of three users, including you

If you are looking to save your proxy expenses; however, you still require a high quality, fast and reliable service, then this is for you.

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Rotating Datacenter Proxies

This service is your best option when the number of IPs you can access is critical.

Get access to a large pool of IPs across 27 countries, all bundled into one rock-solid Rotating Proxy service.

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Tired Of Getting Banned?

We have a large pool of proxies that are carefully selected and maintained to offer you smooth operations. wIth our network, you are guaranteed:

Clean and Unique IPs

We update our proxy list regularly to make sure that everything is always fresh. You can be sure that our IPs are clean and that they won't cause any problems for you or your account.

Fast and Reliable Connections

Slow and unstable proxies are automatically replaced by faster more reliable ones. This is excellent for high speed crawling and scraping operations.

Use Cases

Whatever your scraping needs, we have a solution for you. 24/7 support for our customers and best-in-class user dashboard make Geonode the most human-friendly proxy provider out there.

Market research

Get actionable intel on your target audience, their interests, preferences, and pain points. We offer plans that can get you all the data you need.

Brand protection

Be proactive about your brand reputation and nip counterfeit sellers in the bud. Monitor market places at scale with Geonode residential proxy services.

Travel aggregation

Collect accurate information from many hotel and flight company websites with Geonode residential proxy plans.


Need to know what products are flying off the shelves? We can help you take a sneak peek into the competition's sales funnel.

SEO monitoring

Discover the secrets behind the success of the top-ranked brands in your niche. All the data you need to climb the ladder is a single click away.


Search engine crawling

Collect public data without the bias ordinary users face when surfing the web. Geonode recommends using residential proxies for this sophisticated use case.

Price comparison

Get access to competitive pricing data and discover unique selling points for driving sales in your business.

Ad verification

Get front-row access to ad analytics of the most viral products in your niche.

Web testing

Identify vulnerabilities and ensure your website offers an excellent user experience worldwide.

Stock market data

Alternative data can help investors source undiscovered indications of market movements. Geonode helps you with the real-time extraction of financial information.

Web data extraction

Use Geonodes' rotating residential IPs to scrape accurate data from around the globe without block or bias.

Social media

Create multiple user accounts on any social media platform without being flagged or banned.

Web scraping

Our residential IPs ensure that you look like an average consumer all the time, allowing you to collect accurate data that you need.

Sneaker botting

Your goal is to go into the site and make it think that your requests are coming from several individuals - not one.

Real Estate

Communicate effectively with your buyers and increase your sales by collecting various real estate data. Avoid getting banned when web scraping with Geonode’s residential proxies!

Cyber security

Increase your security with an additional layer of protection when safeguarding your clients from cyber threats with the help of Geonode’s residential proxies!


With the help of Geonode’s residential proxies, NGO’s are guaranteed total protection and complete anonymity when scraping the internet for signs of human rights violations.

Review monitoring

Boost and maintain your online reputation by collecting public reviews on your brand from various online sources with the help of Geonode’s residential proxies!