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Pay-as-you-go pricing for shared datacenter proxies

Experience tailored billing that adapts to your usage, ensuring you get the best value for your data needs.

Pay as you go rates

Your total
shared datacenter

Unmatched datacenter proxy access

Get affordable, scalable shared datacenter IPs tailored to your needs with our flexible plans.

Unlimited bandwidth

Enjoy the freedom to scrape at scale. Our unlimited data transfer means no more worrying about bandwidth caps.

Cost-effective scaling

Our pay-per-concurrent-request model lets you manage costs effectively, paying only for the simultaneous requests made.

Unrivaled control

Gain unparalleled reliability and precision in your scraping activities with our dedicated residential IPs, offering the authenticity your tasks require.

Responsibly sourced

Access a global network of proxies ethically sourced from 190+ countries, thanks to our partnerships with Repocket and Zenshield.

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