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Pricing for residential proxies

Collect data at scale with affordable starter plans
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Residential proxies


Pricing starts at


Billing MethodPer GB
Uncapped Data
SOCKS (4, 4A & 5)
Geo Targeting Country
ISP Targeting
Connection TypesRotating and Sticky
Google, Facebook, Amazon and Instagram

Residential proxies features

Massive Proxy Network

With 2M+ Unique IPs to select from, we have every operational need covered

  • Access to 150+ countries worldwide
  • Reliable USA, Canada and Europe Proxies
  • Sticky Ports
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
Real Technical Support

Our team is ready to assist you every step of the way - From setup to execution, we will help you fix bugs and ramp up your operational capacity.

  • 24/7 Availability
  • Quick Response times
Rotating Proxies

Maintain connections with our reliable, high-quality IPs. IPs in rotation are well maintained and prepped for your use any time they are required.

  • Clean and IPs
  • Sticky Ports
Real residential IPs

Requests are routed through real, ethically sourced, desktop and mobile internet connections.

  • Up to 30-minute sessions
  • High average network speed