Geonode Fair Usage Policy

Fair Usage Policy

What is a Fair Usage Policy (FUP)?

Our unmetered service is like a shared space, and how you use it can affect other customers. This is where the Fair Usage Policy (FUP) comes into play. Our Fair Usage Policy is our means of monitoring and controlling our international bandwidth capacity to provide fair access to all our customers.

Our Fair Usage Policy ensures that this international bandwidth capacity is not overused by some users, while others suffer with their accounts.

To ensure that each customer gets a fair share of our proxy service, Geonode follows international best practices to prioritize time and prevent overuse of the pool capacity by a small number of customers.

For the time being, the use of the unmetered service is subject to our fair usage policy, where customers will start experiencing latency on new requests as soon as they exceed their GB limit according to the subscription they have (based on our calculations).

Each 1$ the user spends, he is allowed to get 3GB in return.

As an example, If the user bought the unmetered plan with 25 threads for 99$, according to our calculations, he is allowed to spend around 297GB in total. As soon as he exceeds the 297GB limit, he will start experiencing latency on any new request.

This means there is no hard data limit on how much traffic you can generate, but the service will be slowed down on purpose once you exceed your GB limits according to your purchased plan.

Similar to any proxy service, the payment is on the bandwidth provided. This means that each megabyte consumed will cost money. Average consumption is therefore already taken into account in the selling price.

It’s important to note that we can intervene if you frequently generate significantly more traffic than the average for the corresponding subscriptions/orders involved. We reserve the right to suspend your subscription/order if you exceed the terms of this fair usage policy, but we will make sure to inform you in advance.