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Publishing Date: February 14, 2022

How To Use Proxies With Discord

A platform originally created for video game players, Discord has grown to become one of the most popular messaging applications used today. See how you can install a proxy server for it!

A platform originally created for video game players, Discord has grown to become one of the most popular messaging applications used today with over 250 million users. It has countless communities, referred to as discord servers, where it’s users can video call, voice chat, and text among many other things. It’s available for all devices and there’s even one for web browsers! A great way to utilize the full potential of Discord is installing a Discord proxy server.

Using a Discord proxy server has a lot of benefits. If your country has banned Discord then, with a discord proxy server, it makes it possible to access Discord. It provides increased privacy and security because proxies can hide your IP address which ensures your data is protected. An unblocked Discord proxy can also enable you to automate Discord bots that create and manage several accounts without getting flagged and banned.

The best proxies to use would be residential proxies as they are known to be more efficient and they also use actual IP addresses from real people which greatly reduces the chances of you getting banned. S Discord copies your system’s proxy settings so simply configure it to finish setting up a proxy for Discord. Let’s get started.

Note: Web proxy for Discord will only work if your browser is set to copy your system’s proxy settings. It’s recommended that you use Google Chrome as it automatically does this.

How To Use Proxies With Discord

For Windows:

To set up proxies in Windows, simply search for “Proxy Settings” in your windows search bar and open the search result.


You are then given two options to choose from: Automatic proxy setup or Manual proxy setup. If you want windows to automatically detect your proxy settings, choose the first option. Choose the second option if you want to utilize a specific ip address and port number.

If you chose the first option, then:

  1. Turn on Automatically detect Settings
  2. Turn on Use setup script
  3. Enter the script address
  4. Click Save


If you chose the second option, then:

  1. Turn on Use a proxy server
  2. Input both server address and port number
  3. If you have any addresses you would like to visit without a proxy, enter them here
  4. Turn on Don’t use the proxy server for local addresses check box if you want to access a local server without a proxy
  5. Click Save


For Mac:

To start configuring your proxy settings in MacOS, simply:

Step 1. Click on the Apple Icon.


Step 2. On the drop down menu, click on “System Preferences”.


Step 3. Click on “Network”


Step 4. Click on “Advanced”


Note: Make sure to connect to your wi-fi first.

Step 5. Click on “Proxies”


This should then redirect you to MacOS proxy settings. MacOS is more straightforward compared to windows. You only have one option which is to manually configure your proxy server.

Here are the steps to follow:

  1. Select which proxy IP protocol you want to configure. This depends on which protocols your proxy service provider offers.
  2. Turn on Secure Web Proxy
  3. Input the Proxy Server Address and Port Number
  4. Click OK to save the configurations

Note: You may be prompted for your Mac user password to save your settings.


Congratulations! You have now set up a proxy server for Discord. If you’re using a web browser, remember to double-check if it’s set to copy your system’s proxy settings.

Configuring Your Phone’s Proxy Settings

To set up a proxy server for the mobile Discord app, simply configure your phone’s proxy settings . Discord would automatically copy your phone’s proxy settings whenever you use Discord. This is applicable for both Android and IOS. Here’s a thorough guide for Android and another one for iPhone.